Best 7 Online Jobs Without Investment

Learn about Online Jobs and make money at home

The Reason behind my first footstep ,

The first question arose at my school days, “What I’m going to be?”. I hardly didn’t know the answer. I entered into the second phase of my life, yes, it’s my college days. With lots of hope, I started searching for Online Jobs which are suitable for me to make money at home. I realized the fact, that most of them are struggling like me.

After doing so much research, I finally found my way through Online Jobs without investment.

I felt like I found a fruit, I don’t want to have it myself, I want everyone to taste it! -Anitha

So, for those who are like me, I wish to share my ideas and finding online free home jobs here.

Mainly the housewives and the home moms who try to support her financial status. The below-listed jobs are genuine and that pays money.

I don’t want women to be like birds in a cage. I want them to let their wings free and fly in the sky. – Anitha

Most of the people think that online jobs are full of scams and they won’t pay any money to them. But actually the online jobs pay money and the jobs which are without investment and which doesn’t get any money from you like registration free are real.

Come on now let we jump into the list of free online home jobs.

List of contents

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing
  3. Youtuber
  4. Sell your stuff online
  5. Open an online store
  6. Online tutoring jobs
  7. Online Data Entry jobs


What is a blog?

A Blog is nothing but an information about any topic, which is created by users around the globe, who are called bloggers, just to share information, which is easy to understand for the audience.

Blogging is a professional job that everyone can start it to make money online as a full-timer.

And you can create it for anything that can create a blog for online jobs like now I  created and you can create a blog for Affiliate Marketing, if you love food means you can create a blog for food likewise you can create a blog for anything that you love.



But you need to grow income from that means you want to put more articles to increase your visitors and you have promised your blog on social media. But remember a thing that can’t make money in blogging at overnight.

It needs some time to develop and to grow income. But I assure you one thing if you came to a stable position in blogging you can make a lifelong income in blogging.

Income that you can get through blogging: you make income from hundreds to unpredictable


What do you think about Freelancing job??? People are there who clearly don’t know about the jobs. Here I clearly explain you about freelancer Job.

A freelancer or a freelancer worker who is available to hire to complete the task under a contract. If you like the contract means you can do that job otherwise you are not compelled to do that job.

For doing this job, first of all, you need to register your account on and then you have to update your profile in the site to select the project for you and the start bidding for it.

And then start working and complete your task on time and then earn a rating from it on your profile and make money.

And this work you can do this as a full-timer and also as a part-timer. From this, you can able to make up to Rs.50,000 a month.

It works simply and just as you think. Just you want to work with patience and you want to complete your task at the time.

The profit that you get from Freelancing: More than Rs.30,000 a month.


youtuber is a type of job which everyone can do if you have some unique idea, content, experiment or skills to express.

If you have creative skills and funny thinker, then you can create a youtube channel without any hesitation.

Today 90% of people have a mobile phone with internet connection and searching for funny videos to stress out.

Most of the full-time job goers are relaxing by watching funny videos on youtube to chill out.

We can also learn from youtube videos, it’s a really great medium to observe quick and implement.

we can create a channel for

4.funny videos
5.Technical information
7.Engineering etc.

students can upload their dubmashes on their youtube channel to make money by google adsense.

you can receive payment via PayPal

Sell your stuff Online

Selling stuff online is the method of making a smart income, where we can sell used kinds of stuff or a newly developed own product online.

online is the large platform of the business stage for selling products.

some of them are struggling to make a single sales by direct way of marketing a product.

But when it comes to online we can make a sales by just uploading a cache description about the product.

This job will be suitable for students, housewives, online job seekers and moms to earn income.

Advantages of selling stuff online.

1. There is no store need for selling a product.

2. We can save lots of time compared to direct marketing

3.investment is not a problem in the business, we can earn passive income without investment.

4.the platforms like Amazon, Flipkart eBay will reduce our burden.

Open an Online store

if anyone suggests me to open a store then I would love to open an online store.

most of are feeling difficulties in paying monthly revenue for an offline store

But when it comes to online there is a one-time payment, and also you can feel like the king of the kingdom, there is no one is going to ask for monthly rent.

And the great part is there are lots affiliates are ready to work for merchants to get commissions.

There is no owner and worker, everyone will have the same right.

The main moto is generating sales and holding a profit.

Online tutoring jobs

Online tutoring jobs are nothing but it is an intermediate between learner and teacher, Here internet act as a mediator and helps to gather knowledge from all over the world.

The teacher will feed knowledge about the certain topic and learner will receive it through the internet.

There is lots difference between learning in blackboard and in the digital platform.

There advantages of online tutoring jobs.

1. We don’t want to attain classes by paying lots of money to a particular organization

2. There is no fixed time for teaching and learning.

3. We can download them for further reference and doubts.

4. The students can ask doubts via email and also they can able to give the feedback easier.

Online Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry simply means we need to enter data given by the client in any document format, or excel sheet, etc. This job requires decent typing skill, which will help to make more income at less time.

Online Data Entry jobs are task-based thing which everyone can do easily at home.

The only requirements that you need to do this job are a system or a laptop with internet facilities.

Income expected: Rs.30,000 + a month


Hey friends,

I am happy to share this article with you all, My intention is to create online job opportunities.

Doing full time is not a bad thing but it’s not sufficient to manage the monthly expenses so everyone needs some extra money.

There are lots of skilled persons are there to feed knowledge about online jobs but the fact is few of them are delivering actionable information.

I am sure all this information are helpful and useful, let’s make a difference today together.

If you gained knowledge then you can  share this with friends.

sharing is a best helping hand in this world.

catch you all on another article.


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